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Thank you for visiting my photography website! The type of night sky photography I pursue requires traveling far from city lights to remote locations and numerous hours of post-production. The resulting products I share online are a way to help educate society about the need to preserve the night sky. As cities grow larger, night sky darkness where we can visibly see the Milky Way vanishes. To help support this work of mine please consider making a donation of any amount you wish. Such donations will help cover the cost of gasoline during my travels and allow me to pursue my passion for preserving the night skies through still and time lapse photography. Together we can help preserve the beauty of a naturally dark night sky for future generations, but this must first begin with educating the public of a dwindling resource due to city lights. 

To show how much your donation means, I will offer a 35 % discount on any print from my gallery if a donation is made.



Matthew Dieterich

"Headlight Interuption" - Cannon Beach, OR"Headlight Interuption" - Cannon Beach, ORObject:Haystack Rock, OR and car headlights interrupting a timelapse video =)
Mount: Tripod
Camera: Nikon D800
F/stop: F/1.4
Exposure: 13 seconds
ISO: 3200
Mode: RAW
White Balance: Daylight
Filter: None
Conditions: Temp. 40 F
Date: August 18th, 2015
Location: Mount Rainier National Park
Processing: Photoshop CC