Matt Dieterich Photography | About

My name is Matt Dieterich and I am passionate about night sky photography. When I first witnessed the Milky Way at night in 2008 from Glenwood Springs, Colorado I was instantly hooked. The experience of being outside at night under thousands of stars with the Milky Way strewn across the sky was captivating. Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA I did not know what dark night skies were. To this day, bright city lights continue to degrade the night sky to the point where nearly 75 % of society cannot view the Milky Way from where they live. The goal of my photography is to bring attention to the beauty that exists above our heads in the night sky away from these city lights. I want to inspire children and adults to continue the tradition of stargazing. After all, gazing up at the night sky is a major part of the human experience and such a resource is in need of our protection now more than ever for future generations to enjoy. 

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Matt Dieterich